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How To Use Webcam Monitoring Software

First download the web cam monitoring software.

How to find the webcam URL:

  • Open your web browser and surf to the webcam page.
  • Right click on the webcam image and click Properties
  • Copy the URL from the Address field.
How to add a webcam:

  • Click the "+" icon in the controls menu.
  • Enter the webcam URL, webcam name and the refresh rate in seconds of the webcam you want to watch.
  • Click OK.
  • The webcam will now appear in your webcam list.
To watch a webcam:

  • Double click the webcam in your webcam list. It will appear thumbnailed in the webcams menu.
  • Click on the thumbnail to view it full size.
  • In the Viewer window, you can zoom in and out, or use that cam as a screensaver.
  • Click the "X" button on the webcam to stop the broadcast.
  • Click the circular arrow button on the webcam to refresh it.
To save all new webcam pics:

  • Check the "AutoSave New Pictures" box.
  • All new images from the webcams you are watching will be saved in the /cam/ directory in the program folder.
  • This is an awesome way to save all those webcam pics!
Webcam Monitoring Tips:

  • Move your mouse over any button or text field to see what it does.
  • You can only watch .jpg, .gif and .bmp images.
  • The status bar under each watched webcam's thumbnail notifies you of image download progress.
  • The status bar at the bottom of the screen will inform you when it saves a new picture.
  • You can edit an existing webcam by selecting it in the webcam listing and clicking the edit button (icon that looks like a document).
  • Stop all watched cams by clicking the "X" button in the controls list.
  • Start all watched cams by clicking the check mark button in the controls list.

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